University of Utah police are investigating the theft of several thousand dollars worth of computer equipment Tuesday from the offices of the school's student newspaper.

Whoever stole the equipment apparently entered the offices of The Daily Utah Chronicle through an open window, university police spokesman Kevin Nollenberg said.

Police spent most of Tuesday interviewing many of the newspaper's staff but by the afternoon still hadn't come up with any suspects or motive for the burglary.

Chronicle business manager Robert McOmber said he wasn't sure the total value of the stolen equipment, which included three Macintosh G-4 computers, one iMac computer worth about $1,500, one laptop computer and a digital camera worth about $5,000.

Despite the missing equipment, The Chronicle was expected to be printed and on newsstands Wednesday as usual, McOmber said.

"It's not so much the equipment as it is the information on it," McOmber said. "Whoever stole it could basically put out their own paper if they wanted to."