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Local births

Alta View Hospital-

BAYOLA, Tanna and Andy, Orem, boy, March 23.

DODSON, Valerie and William, West Jordan, boy, March 23.

HAMELMAN, Stacey, and DODGE, Ron, Kearns, boy, March 23.

LEON, Bonalee and Kortney, Salt Lake City, girl, March 23.

REID, Rylee and Matt, Payson, girl, March 22.

American Fork Hospital-

BECK, Nicole Rae and Jeffrey Campbell, Lehi, girl, March 10.

BENNETT, Brittany Ann, and WALKER, Jared Matthew, Lehi, boy, March 8.

BLACKHURST, Pamela Jane and Chadley Joseph, Pleasant Grove, girl, March 10.

BRADSHAW, Cassandra Roshaun and Stephen Robert, Alpine, girl, March 6.

BRENCHLEY, Rebecca Sue and David Richard, Lehi, boy, March 9.

BREWER, Barbara Jeanne and Bruce Nielsen, American Fork, boy, March 4.

BUSS, Tana Dee and Gerald Theodore, Lehi, girl, March 7.

CHORNIAK, Sheena Lee, Lehi, girl, March 4.

DEANS, Rebecca and Joel Hyrum, Orem, twins, two boys, March 6.

DORFF, Sarah Katherine and Michael John, Provo, girl, March 7.

FROST, Chaelaine Louise and Eric Charles, Orem, girl, March 8.

GRAHAM, Jody Marie and Douglas Michael, Highland, boy, March 4.

GRIFFIN, Sheila Dawn and Gary Roe, American Fork, girl, March 5.

GURNEY, Jill and Dee Von, Orem, boy, March 8.

HADLOCK, CeLisa, Lehi, boy, March 6.

HENDRICKS, Jenefer Lynn and Dennis Erin, Alpine, girl, March 8.

JENSEN, Deborah Anne and Robert Lynn, Orem, girl, March 8.

JOHNSON, Hollie Kaye and Brian Craig, Springville, girl, March 6.

JOHNSON, Jesica and Jared Marcus, Orem, girl, March 6.

KNOWLTON, Robyn Gayle and Kier Lee, American Fork, boy, March 9.

LATHAM, Jennifer Laurae and Michael Ardell, Orem, girl, March 10.

LEMKE, Lori Ann and Paul David, Lehi, boy, March 8.

McQUIVEY, Jennifer Lynn and Ryan Del, Orem, boy, March 7.

MURANO, Charlotte Denise and James Robert, Lindon, boy, March 10.

NIELSON, Tricia Kae and Jens Preston, Spanish Fork, boy, March 8.

NOOT, Michelle and Walter Sebastiaan, Alpine, girl, March 7.

PAINTER, Rebecca Lyn and Timothy Dean, Eagle Mountain, boy, March 9.

PALETTA, Deborah and MIchael Gene, Eagle Mountain, girl, March 7.

PEAY, Emily Catherine and Josh Caleb, American Fork, boy, March 5.

PETERSON, Katherine Michelle and Byron Ray, Orem, boy, March 5.

POAST, Sharla Marie and Eric Matthew, Orem, girl, March 9.

PRICE, Eva Marie and Robert Duane, Lehi, girl, March 9.

RUSHTON, Laci Anne and Phillip Daniel, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 6.

PINKHAM, Julie Arlene and Justin R., Eagle Mountain, girl, March 8.

RYSSMAN, Kelli Lee and Daniel Bert, Orem, boy, March 4.

SHORT, Julianna Kathleen and Eric Michael, Lehi, girl, March 7.

SOPER, Cristy and Mark Dewain, Lehi, boy, March 6.

STURGILL, Catherine Alice and David Scott, Lehi, girl, March 6.

THURMAN, Jeri Lynn and Patrick Scott, Cedar Valley, boy, March 10.

TOMLINSON, Collette and Christopher Scott, Pleasant Grove, boy, March 8.

TOMLINSON, Nicole P. and David Loy, Orem, girl, March 10.

VILLARREAL, Carina and Jorge Luis, American Fork, girl, March 4.

WARBURTON, Chantelle Marie and James Bernard, Lehi, boy, March 9.

WILKINSON, Tanya Lyn and Kelly D., Lehi, boy, March 7.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ARROYO, Kimberli and Mark, South Jordan, girl, March 26.

BAUM, Jennifer and Ross, Salt Lake City, boy, March 26.

BREINHOLT, Jennifer and Gerald, West Valley City, boy, March 26.

FICKLIN, Sandra and David, West Valley City, girl, March 27.

GEIGLE, Stacie and Randy, West Valley City, boy, March 26.

HALES, Christine and David, Lindon, boy, March 26.

LEWIS, Audrey and David, Salt Lake City, boy, March 26.

MANN, Annette and Brett, Sandy, boy, March 26.

MONTOYA, Brittany, and REYES, Josh, Salt Lake City, boy, March 26.

MUSSELMAN, Pamela and Dave, West Valley City, boy, March 27.

PAXTON, Rebecca and Matt, Sandy, boy, March 26.

SLACK, Niki and Garrett, Salt Lake City, boy, March 26.

WINDLEY, Leslie, West Valley City, girl, March 26.

LDS Hospital-

BOSWELL, Michelle and Gregory, Riverton, boy, March 20.

FLORES, Gwendolyn and Daniel, Salt Lake City, girl, March 20.

HAGER, Kristy and Chuck, Sandy, girl, March 20.

HOLMES, Tamara and Philip, Riverton, girl, March 20.

LAYTON, Emily and David, Salt Lake City, girl, March 20.

McSWEENEY, Alayna and Shawn, Salt Lake City, boy, March 20.

NIXON, Tannisha, and HOBBS, Kevin, Salt Lake City, girl, March 20.

PAGE, Megan and Curtis, Kaysville, girl, March 20.

RICHARDSON, Lisa and John, Bountiful, twins, two girls, March 20.

SIRMANS, Natalie and Clemon, Salt Lake City, girl, March 20.

SUDWEEKS, Angela and Brian, Draper, boy, March 20.

WICKENS, Bobbi and Darin, Draper, twins, boy and girl, March 20.

Orem Community Hospital-

ARROWSMITH, Linda and Stephen Gareth, Orem, girl, Feb. 27.

BLANCO, Heather Leigh and Henry Noel, Eagle Mountain, girl, Feb. 22.

BRACKETT, Julie Anne and Tyson Wade, Springville, girl, Feb. 20.

CHRISTENSEN, Michelle and Trent Gordon, Holladay/Cottonwood, girl, Feb. 23.

DAVIS, Maren and Glendon Jay, Payson, boy, Feb. 24.

DRANEY, Rebecca Michelle and Ryan Keith, Orem, boy, Feb. 21.

GERBER, Rebecca Lynn and Richard Scott, West Jordan, boy, Feb. 19.

HAGUE, Lorie Ann, and WILLIAMS, Joshua Ryan, Orem, girl, Feb. 22.

HOLMES, Lisa Dawn and Justin Bud, Orem, boy, Feb. 27.

HOOD, Jentry and Jason Mead, Orem, girl, Feb. 27.

JACOBSON, Amy and Brad Leroy, Lehi, boy, Feb. 28.

KONDEL, Karri and Neal Anthony, Lindon, girl, Feb. 19.