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New stake presidencies

The Tijuana Mexico Central Stake, which includes the Central, Francisco Villa, Hidalgo, Rosarito and Salvatierra wards, and the La Gloria Branch, has been created by Elder Gary J. Coleman of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil and Mexico, and in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Utah and Washington.


TIJUANA MEXICO CENTRAL STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2001) Created from the Tijuana Mexico and Tijuana Mexico La Mesa Stakes. President — David Zamarripa N., 37, supervisor for Systems Engineering; wife, Martha Aurelia Cordero de Zamarripa. Counselors — Daniel Rodriguez A., 34, contractor; wife, Maria del Carmen Loera E. de Rodriguez. Marcelino Valenzuela R., 26, medical representative for Boehringer Promeco; wife, Jesus Bibiana Cano M. de Valenzuela.


BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2001) President — Douglas S. Bennett, 39, financial manager of circulation for Southern Progress Corp.; succeeding Richard D. May; wife, Tina Marie Hubbard Bennett. Counselors — Donnie R. Ford, 48, professor at Jacksonville State University; wife, Marla Jan Johnson Ford. Michael F. Campbell, 44, project manager for TRS; wife, Denise Jeanine Brown Campbell.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 9TH STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2001) President — Thomas Beall Griffith, 46, attorney and general counsel for BYU; succeeding Paul Kay Sybrowsky; wife, Susan Ann Stell Griffith. Counselors — Gary Lee Browning, 60, professor at BYU; wife, Joan Wagstaff Browning. Lynn Dennis Wardle, 53, law professor for BYU; wife, Marian Minerva Eastwood Wardle.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 17TH STAKE: (Mar. 4, 2001) President — Larry Kenneth Johnson, 56, sales and marketing director for Provo Steel & Supply; succeeding John M. R. Covey; wife, Dianne Boyer Johnson. Counselors — John Martin Aldrich, 48, chief executive officer for First Colony Mortgage Corp.; wife, Rosemary McKinley Aldrich. Patrick William Kronmiller, 56, physician; wife, Ruth Ann Lundberg Kronmiller.

EL PASO TEXAS STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2001) President — Donald E. Anderson, 41, vice president and chief finance officer for Stagecoach; succeeding William S. Johns; wife, Janet Lee Gletz Anderson. Counselors — Michael J. Townsley, 44, school director for Western Technical Institute; wife, Donna Mae Gietz Townsley. Pete Perez, 58, assistant supervisor for Texas Department of Human Services; wife, Eva Jimenez Perez.

LOGAN UTAH UNIVERSITY 1ST STAKE: (Mar. 4, 2001) President — Gary A. Chambers, 55, assistant vice president at Utah State University; succeeding J. Clair Batty; wife, Ruth Ann White Chambers. Counselors — John C. Bailey, 57, director of health at Bear River Health Department.; wife, Ann Louise Larson Bailey. Ronald S. Godfrey, 52, financial consultant for Merrill Lynch; wife, Marie Beutler Godfrey.

LYNWOOD WASHINGTON STAKE: (Jan. 28, 2001) President — Matthew D. Latimer, 33, attorney for Cooley Godward LLP; succeeding Marcus Bell Nash; wife, Pamela Dowd Latimer. Counselors — Ralph S. Weber, 61, president and owner of Premier Woodwork; wife, Bonnie Rose Staples Weber. Donald W. Bishop, 64, transportation designer for Carter & Burgess; wife, Judith Lee Anderson Bishop.

MARIETTA GEORGIA EAST STAKE: (Feb. 11, 2001) President — Gary L. Futral, 50, service technician for Bell South; succeeding Steven L. Driscoll; wife, Nancy Elizabeth House Futral. Counselors — William H. Nagel, 51, regional sales manager for Eurothorn Drives Inc.; wife, Mary Ellen Hiliger Nagel. Brent J. Thorpe, 48, technical engineer for Sun Microsystems; wife, Tamara Harding Thorpe.

SILVERDALE WASHINGTON STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2001) President — Gerald Michael Nyland, 53, engineering manager (mechanical engineer) for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard; succeeding Frank Lee Pitcher; wife, Linda Irene Lewis Nyland. Counselors — William Tavner Gross, 51, president of Flowers to Go Inc.; wife, Rise Fern Nuttall Gross. Eric Ray Gillespie, 41, project engineer planning manager; wife, Shauna Robinson Gillespie.

SPRINGVILLE UTAH SPRING CREEK STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2001) President — Richard M. Austin, 66, retired director of accounting and financial reporting for BYU; succeeding David John Ridges; wife, Sherrie Dixon Austin. Counselors — Douglas M. Robinson, retained. Dale K. Black, retained.

TIJUANA MEXICO STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2001) President — Jose Guillermo Cardenas L., retained. Counselors — Alejandro Sanchez R., retained. Andres Ramirez B., wife, Leticia R. de Ramirez.

TIJUANA MEXICO LA MESA STAKE: (Jan. 14, 2001) President — Gerardo Angulo G., retained. Counselors — Enrique Rueda U., retained. Miguel Angel Reynoso L., wife, Gabriela Marian Garcia de Reynoso.

UBERABA BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2001) President — Alessandro Ruz Freire, 27, professor at Dr. Jose Ferreira College; succeeding Jorge Ribeiro Barbosa; wife, Marcela Venecci Nunez Aguilera Freire. Counselors — Antonio Jose de Moura Araujo, 33, self-employed; wife, Marliane Petter Nunes Araujo. Osmar de Assis Ribeiro, 30, machine operator for Black & Decker; wife, Marcia de Almeida Ribeiro.