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A selfish few hurt all of us

Earlier this week I locked my keys in my car. Unfortunate? Yes. My fault? Completely! While attempting to contact a locksmith I noticed a policeman walking into a grocery store.

Thinking that he would be able to help me, saving me both time and money, I ended my phone call and approached the officer. He was very kind but informed me that they (police officers) are not allowed to unlock car doors for anybody. I explained that I had at least 10 friends outside who could verify my identity and guarantee that my car was my car.

That, the officer informed me, was not the problem. It seems that some time ago a woman locked her keys and her baby in her car. She called the police, they came and opened up her car and somehow damaged the lock. She sued. So now, the hands of the police are cuffed. They cannot carry out small acts of service and kindness to the society at large because they have to protect themselves from the selfishness, conceit, greed and refusal-to-accept-responsibility of some few people who ruin the world for the rest of us.

Camille Brady

Salt Lake City