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Local births

Alta View Hospital-

BARTELL, Mary and Tracy, Salt Lake City, girl, March 28.

BURNS, Gaylene and Mike, West Jordan, twins, two girls, March 28.

CHENEY, Capri and Craig, Draper, boy, March 29.

DUFFIELD-WOLFF, Eileen and Vincent, Midvale, boy, March 28.

EWING, Aubrey and Preston, West Jordan, boy, March 29

MOHEBBIZADEH, Yolanda and Farzad, Sandy, boy, March 26.

ZAJKOWSKI, Laura and Thomas, Draper, girl, March 28.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BUTOLPH, Krystal, Salt Lake City, girl, March 27.

CHIPPING, Amie and Phillip, Salt Lake City, girl, March 27.

CHRISTIANSEN, Michele and Michael, North Salt Lake, boy, March 27.

FELIX, Amy and Brent, Salt Lake City, boy, March 27.

GOBLE, Amy and James, Salt Lake City, girl, March 27.

HANSON, Stacie and Scott, South Jordan, girl, March 27.

HILTON, Emilee and David, Heber City, boy, March 27.

MORTENSEN, Jodi and Hyrum, Salt Lake City, girl, March 27.

POTTER, Jennifer and Frank, West Jordan, boy, March 27.

ROSS, Stephanie and Kelly, West Jordan, boy, March 27.

SITHIVONG, Phanomsay and Rattan, Kearns, girl, March 27.

WRIGHT, Jennifer and Jeremy, Sandy, girl, March 27.

Lakeview Hospital-

CARAYCOCHEA, Shalena and Damien, :Bountiful, girl, March 21.

EVANS, Leah and Jeremy, Centerville, girl, March 24.

LIVINGSTON, Jennifer and Kevin, Bountiful, boy, March 22.

McGEE, Alythea and Brandon, West Valley City, girl, March 26.

MILLER, Laura and Matthew, Kaysville, boy, March 26.

MUELLER, Mikelle and David, Bountiful, boy, March 25.

MUNK, Stephanie and David, Bountiful, boy, March 27.

MURRAY, Heather and Charles, Bountiful, girl, March 26.

VAN OBERBECK, Nikka and Bill, Woods Cross, girl, March 26.

WHITEHEAD, Kathleen and Kris, Bountiful, girl, March 27.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

GASSER, Connie Jean and Francis Matthew, South Jordan, boy, March 26.

GOFF, Leslie and Kevin Barry, West Jordan, boy, March 8.

GONZALEZ, M.A. Del Carmen Martinez, and VILLAGOMEZ, Ezequiel Rodriguez Sr., West Jordan, boy, March 8.

HARRINGTON, Jennifer and Robert Paul, Sandy, girl, March 8.

McBRIDE, Lori Ann and James Todd, West Jordan, boy, March 8.

ROMO, Jill and Arthur Steven, West Jordan, boy, March 26.

SMITH, Melanie and Jason Gerald, West Valley City, boy, March 26.

SMITH, Shelli Dawn and Brent Alan, Riverton, girl, March 26.

LDS Hospital-

BISHOP, Deborah and Robert, Bountiful, girl, March 22.

BOREN, Vicki Jo and Trenton, Heber City, girl, March 22.

CRAVEN, Wendy and Dusty, Salt Lake City, boy, March 22.

FROST, Julie and Eric, West Jordan, boy, March 22.

HILL, Amy, Sandy, boy, March 22.

NERDIN, Rachel and Shane, Sandy, boy, March 22.

SNARR, Carolee and Steven, West Jordan, girl, March 22.

SOFELE, Langi and Huihui, Salt Lake City, boy, March 22.

VERGARA, Gabriela and Mario, Salt Lake City, boy, March 22.

WELDER, Angie and David, Sandy, boy, March 22.

YOUNG, Natasha and Timothy, Farmington, girl, March 22.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

BRADSHAW, Rebecca R. and David L., Morgan, girl, March 22.

BURNETT, Kelly and Lawson, Roy, boy, March 21.

BYBEE, Julie and Destry J., Syracuse, boy, March 22.

HUMPHRIES, Kailia and Brady James, Ogden, girl, March 22.

KNICKMEIER, Marla and Randy, Brigham City, boy, March 23.

MORRIS, Lori A. and Paul L., Ogden, girl, March 22.

OPP, Pamela and Dennis, Syracuse, girl, March 21.

POFF, Sharon and Daniel, Ogden, girl, March 22.

POLLOCK, Jennie and Jeffrey, Roy, boy, March 21.

ROUNKLES, Susan and Blake D., Kaysville, girl, March 22.

SMITH, Renee and Raymond, Ogden, boy, March 22.

STEED, Natalie and Kevon L., Syracuse, boy, March 21.

VALLADARES, Cecilia and Martin, Ogden, boy, March 22.

Ogden Regional Medical Center-

ANDERSON, Darcie Jean and James Todd, Morgan, girl, March 18.

ANDERSON, Melinda Ann, Farr West, boy, March 20.

BARROW, Jennifer Lynn and Brett Aaron, Annabella, girl, March 20.

BRAVO, Julie Anne and Salvador, South Ogden, boy, March 19.

BROWN, Jennifer and Chad Eric, Morgan, boy, March 21.

CANEDO, Ana Lorena, and MEDINA, Martin Antonio, Ogden, boy, March 21.

CHILD, Ellen LaRue and Boyd Jon, Ogden, boy, March 20.

DOAK, Jamie Elizabeth and Johnnie Wayne, Clinton, boy, March 23.

FISHER, Jenny Lynne, Ogden, boy, March 22.

GODINEZ, Maria Ann and Agustin Zamarrida, Ogden, girl, March 20.

HADLEY, Alison and Brandon Kevin, Nibley, Cache County, gril, March 22.

HANSEN, Jackie and Jared Wayne, Roy, girl, March 22.

HENINGER, Denise Marie and Troy Don, South Ogden, girl, March 22.

HEPWORTH, Allison Lynn and Richard Michael, Woods Cross, boy, March 22.

HERNANDEZ, Tresa Maria, Morgan, girl, March 19.

JONES, Sheila Kaye and Christopher McAllister, Ogden, girl, March 20.

KYLE-WATTS, Heather Jeanne, and WATTS, Jeffrey Christopher, Ogden, girl, March 22.

LUCERO, Alisa, Ogden, girl, March 19.

MORTENSEN, Alisa and Daniel Raymond, Ogden, boy, March 20.

NAVA, Veronica Monic, and ARAGON, Roman Lopez, Ogden, girl, March 21.

PARKINSON, Brook Diane and Chad Storey, Ogden, boy, March 20.

PETERSON, Amanda Jean and Scott Andrew, Ogden, boy, March 21.

RASLEY, Courtney Ann and Tyler Michael, Hooper, Weber County, girl, March 22.

SHUMWAY, Stephanie and Timothy Irving, Taylorsville, boy, March 22.

SHURTLEFF, Patria Vinson and James Andrew, Ogden, boy, March 19.

STOKES, Aileen Marie and Travis Edward, Clinton, girl, March 22.

STUART, Paulette and Scott Melvin, Roy, boy, March 20.

THEOBALD, Arie Dawn and Travis Mark, South Weber, girl, March 21.

TUBBS, Jami Rae, and SUPAN, Jason David, Roy, girl, March 21.

YOUNG, Geina Lynn and Darren Louis, Ogden, boy, March 20.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BIRCH, Amy Jo and Daniel Clark, Riverton, girl, March 23.

DELZER, Vanessa Marie and William Neal, West Valley City, girl, March 23.

PARKINSON, Erin Marie, and DEINES, Christopher, Bountiful, boy, March 23.

RAPP, Heather Dawn and Craig William, Midway, boy, March 23.

SHEN, Yanling, and ZHONG, Fanghong, Sandy, boy, March 23.

SPEICHER, Angela Marie and John Arthur II, Tooele, boy, March 1.

University Hospital-

ANDERSON, Elizabeth and Mark, Salt Lake City, girl, March 18.

APPLEGARTH, Tamara and Philip, Riverton, boy, March 26.

BARON, Belinda, and LOFLIN, Tim, Salt Lake City, girl, March 25.

BERNAL, Maria, Salt Lake City, boy, March 19.

BOREN, Angela and Jason, Salt Lake City, girl, March 22.

BRISENO, Cecilia, Salt Lake City, girl, March 26.

BURGESS, Nikki, and MILLER, Heath, Taylorsville, twins, two boys, March 19.

CABRERA, Lorena and Alejandro, Midvale, girl, March 26.

CAPWELL, Kim, and MATLOCK, Darin, Roosevelt, boy, March 24.

DABB, Lori, West Jordan, boy, March 22.

HENG, Bilinda, and JONES, Dale, West Valley City, boy, March 21.

LOPEZ, Nercila, and ORTEGA, Jesus, Salt Lake City, boy, March 20.

MARTINEZ, Amanda, and MAZZA, Eric, Salt Lake City, girl, March 21.

McEUEN, Mindy and Aaron, Murray, girl, March 23.

PACHECO, Angela, and ROMAN, Alex, Tooele, girl, March 21.

PETERSON, Kami, and RANQUIST, Daniel, Salt Lake City, boy, March 21.

PETTERSSON, Wendy and Andrew, Salt Lake City, boy, March 19.

ROSERO MUNOZ, Magdlena and Daniel, Magna, Tooele, boy, March 22.

SWIGER, Jessica, and CHACON, Brandon, Salt Lake City, girl, March 25.

TOVAR, Eva and Nicolas, Salt Lake City, boy, March 23.

WENDEL, Wendy, and KNIGHT, Kenneth, Lehi, twins, boy and girl, March 21.