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Police find boy who failed to come home from school

A 13-year-old boy who lived in Salt Lake City for only three days and did not return home from his first day at school Friday was found later in Bountiful.

Salt Lake City police had searched for Aldo Zamora for more than eight hours when he approached Bountiful police officer Troy Killian, who was making a traffic stop. Although Zamora does not speak any English, Killian said he recognized his description from evening television news reports.

"It was one of those lucky flukes," Killian said. "He came walking up to me, and with the little bit of Spanish I know, I could tell he was lost."

Zamora was unharmed and apparently got lost after leaving Northwest Middle School. He had walked from the school along Redwood Road until he found Killian, a distance of almost 10 miles.