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Elder Darwin B. Christenson

Quorums of the Seventy

A small boy who patiently endured the sweeping, torrential rains that fell during the laying of the cornerstone for the Brazil Recife Temple so he could partake of the spiritual occasion is an example of many youths whose lives will strengthen the church.

"As President Hinckley and President Faust came from the temple into his view, this little lad I'll call 'David,' about 10 years old, braced himself, ignoring the wind and rain, his white shirt and his trousers soaked through and through, stood tall and resolute as a little soldier and gave determined recognition that he was, indeed, in the presence of the Lord's own prophets, seers and revelators."

Such children demonstrate that "the family is the basic, everlasting organization of the church." With tutoring, they will gain personal testimonies that Jesus is the Son of the living God and that through his Atonement, the Savior perfectly completed his expiatory promise.

"David" will grow up anticipating a mission after hearing his father tell of his own missionary experiences and because of the influence of a faithful mother who provides "important and lasting family traditions."

In Recife, many beaches are posted off-limits because of sharks. "Like the signs on the shore, the Lord and his prophets provide inspired guidance for earthly sons and daughters to be able to avoid the ever-present sharks of mortality: the pornography, drugs and sins that can diminish or kill the inherent sense of divinity the Lord would have his children enjoy."

Children like David are prepared to resist such temptations through proper teaching. "May all our Davids be so prepared to serve."