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Skier picks mom for torchbearing honor

MURRAY — Former Olympic skier Carrie Sheinberg made the first official nomination for an Olympic torchbearer Thursday morning by nominating the biggest inspiration in her life — her mother.

In a press conference at the Smith's store on 4500 S. and 800 East, the former Olympian nominated Jill Sheinberg.

"My mother has been an inspiration to me throughout my life. She always encouraged me to go after my dreams," she said.

Sheinberg also said she never realized how hard her mother had to work to rear three children and also find time for law school.

"She taught me that the whole is really greater than the sum of the parts."

Jill Sheinberg said her daughter asked her permission to make the nomination.

"I could say the reverse. She's my role model," the mother said of her daughter.

Jill Sheinberg said she'd be thrilled to carry the torch.