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Rethink women's uniforms

For several years, I have thought about writing a letter concerning the way our young women athletes are dressed for their routines. Their uniforms cover very little of the obscene, while their arms are covered in long sleeves. Of course, I'm referring specifically to gymnastics. However, the swimming competition is not much better, but the water does provide some coverage.

The girls train for many years with a great deal of difficult, dedicated work. Then, when it's time to show what they have accomplished, they are put in uniforms that show the most unbecoming part of their body. I have seen girls pull at the material, hoping to cover a little more of what no one should expose.

What's the purpose of these games? Is it to show skill or skin? If it is skill, then the girls should be decently dressed. They have that right. The men athletes are properly clothed. Let's do as much for the women as well. These games should evoke a feeling of accomplishment, not base interest.

Loa Dow Glade

Salt Lake City