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2 dead after student opens fire near San Diego15 shot at school

SANTEE, Calif. — A student opened fire at his high school on Monday, killing two people and wounding 13 others. One witness said the youth smiled as he fired.

A suspect was taken into custody at Santana High School, officials said. Friends said he is a freshman at the school.

One person was dead at the scene and 14 others were injured, Santee Fire Department spokesman Jeff Fehlberg said. Later, a 15-year-old male student died at Grossmont Hospital, spokeswoman Eileen Cornish said. At least one of those shot was a campus supervisor.

An acquaintance of the suspect told KGTV he heard over the weekend that the teenager had a gun.

"I do regret that I didn't do something because I should've stepped up even if it wasn't true and stuff to take that precaution," Chris Reynolds said.

Student John Schardt said he was in a nearby classroom when the shooting started at about 9:20 a.m. in a nearby boys room. "I looked at the kid, and he was smiling and shooting his weapon," Schardt, 17, told KGTV.

"It was total chaos. People were trying to take cover," he said.

Another student, Alicia Zimmer, told the station she froze with fright until her boyfriend pushed her out of the way. "I dropped my stuff. It was really scary," she said.

Zimmer said she didn't see the shooter but she did see one girl with blood on her arm and a boy lying face down on the floor.

Andrew Kaforey, a 17-year-old Santana senior, said he ran into the bathroom with a security guard after hearing what sounded like a firecracker or a gunshot.

"He pointed the gun right at me but he didn't shoot," Kaforey said. As he and the guard ran out, the suspect shot the guard in the back, Kaforey said.

Santee, a town of 59,000 residents, is about 10 miles northeast of San Diego.