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W.V. police arrest 3 men at site of home invasion

WEST VALLEY CITY — Police have arrested three men they say entered a home Sunday night, armed with guns and a knife and tied up two adults, a teenager and a baby.

Authorities were sent to the home after parts of the ordeal were heard by dispatchers when someone inside the home, near 5500 West and 3400 South, called 911 with a portable phone and carried it around during the first moments of the ordeal, Lt. Kelly Rushton said.

"The dispatchers could hear screaming and crying," Rushton said, and by the time police arrived, they had a pretty good idea of what was going on inside.

Rushton said police surrounded the home. As the intruders were leaving they spotted police and ran back inside. Police followed them into the home and apprehended them.

All family members were uninjured but one, who had a bump and small cut from being hit on the side of the head.

Police don't know why that particular house was chosen. Family members said they don't know their attackers, Rushton said.