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Supposed robbery victim admits he faked attack

ST. GEORGE (AP)— A Salt Lake man claimed he was attacked, stabbed and robbed by a hitchhiker, but he actually had lost $600 gambling in Mesquite, Nev., and inflicted the stab wound himself, Arizona authorities said.

A Mohave County sheriff's deputy responded after the man, 44, notified authorities a hitchhiker attacked him Tuesday night on I-15 near Littlefield, Ariz.

The man was taken to Dixie Medical Center in St. George, where he was treated for a 3-inch deep wound to the stomach and released.

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Johnson said the man admitted to investigators that he stabbed himself and invented the story.

The man has not been arrested and a case review by the Mohave County Attorney's Office will determine whether he will be prosecuted for false reporting.