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Travelers Aid says thank you

I'm writing to publicly recognize the heroes who serve on the Midvale City Planning Commission who recently voted to extend the conditional-use permit that allows Travelers Aid Society to continue providing emergency winter shelter to people who have nowhere else to go.

On any given night throughout the winter, Travelers Aid helps an average of 300 people at the shelter in Midvale. The community winter shelter in Midvale has proven to be a vital community resource as each winter the Salt Lake Community Shelter and Self-Sufficiency Center in downtown Salt Lake, which is also operated by Travelers Aid, is filled to capacity. Midvale has supported Travelers Aid in extending this essential service for the past three years; now the partnership will continue for two more years.

Mayor JoAnn Seghini, the Planning Commission, the police department and the residents of Midvale have been truly remarkable in supporting the community winter shelter. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have generated contributions of socks, blankets, food and clothing for the people who seek refuge at the shelter. The good will generated by the community is inspirational and sets an example for all of us to follow. Most importantly, Midvale's willingness to accept this critical social responsibility has prevented multitudes of human beings from experiencing frostbite, hypothermia and potentially death from exposure to the frigid winter temperatures.

Thank you to all concerned. Midvale's people and its city leaders are remarkable, and, as a result, remarkable things are taking place there.

Richard M. Cagen

President, Travelers Aid Society Board of Trustees

Salt Lake City