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Family size a personal thing

How presumptuous of Janice Coon to tell someone she shouldn't have a large family (15 kids) and should restrict her children to two or three. Oops, sorry, I have four children, more than she would allow me.

Most of the funding for public schools comes from property taxes, not income taxes. There are many single people, childless couples and families like mine where the children are grown and no longer in public school, and we all pay taxes if we own property.

If Janice has or did have school-age children, many of the above-mentioned people paid for their education. Our children are our future, and we should not begrudge the money that pays for public education. Not to mention the fact that those children from large families will pay for your Social Security someday when they become well-educated, employed taxpayers. Would you rather your money go to pay for delinquency, joblessness, homelessness and prisons?

Also, how do you know what God wants? One of his first commandments to Adam and Eve was to multiply and replenish the earth. If he only wanted couples to have two or three children, wouldn't he have commanded that or made our bodies physically incapable of having more? How many children people choose to have is nobody else's business!

Cyndy McMullin