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Praise 2 great presidents

Compliments to Kay Lin Olsen for her great letter of Saturday, Feb. 24, titled "2 presidents deserve honor." We wholeheartedly agree with her that Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays never should have been overshadowed by anyone, or that "Presidents" Day should have ever replaced the honor that was once given those two truly great men of integrity.

Wasn't this change made by President Jimmy Carter, the same president who helped to give away our American canal in Panama, that America had bought, built and paid for? Not all presidents have kept their oath of office to protect America's sovereignty and the Constitution. "Presidents Day" includes scoundrels of any sort, and many do not deserve honor and recognition.

Our family does not fly our flag on "Presidents Day." We make sure it comes in on that day. We still honor Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays as we always have, and always will, and forever in our hearts as well.

We have noticed that no one, including the news media, has ever made any kind of fuss or even mentioned our Dec. 15 "Bill of Rights Day." Some calendars have even eliminated this special day entirely; others thankfully have not.

In contrast, Groundhog Day is always remembered and impressed in the minds of children. Fun but not as important. We had better treasure and impress the right things as well and not be so willing to allow true values to slip away from us piece by piece. We hope and also believe there are far more out there than one might think who believe as we do.

Rod and Norma Sorensen