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Hallsey promoted to chief of Smith's food, drug chain

James W. Hallsey has been promoted to president of Smith's Food & Drug Stores, the company announced Monday.

Hallsey, 58, has been Smith's executive vice president of sales and promotion since 1998. He succeeds Russ Dispense as president of Smith's, which is a division of Kroger Co., the nation's largest grocery chain.

Dispense has been promoted to president of King Soopers, another Kroger chain based in Denver.

Hallsey is a native Utahn who began his career in the grocery industry as a boy working in his father's Tooele County store. He joined Smith's in 1964 when Smith's acquired Mayfair Stores.

Smith's, acquired by Kroger in 1998, operates 116 food and drug stores in eight Western states.