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UVSC plans its own 7% tuition hike

OREM — Since the Legislature did nothing to stop it, Utah Valley State College plans to proceed with a 7 percent tuition hike.

That could mean an additional $48 per semester, said Derek Hall, UVSC director of college relations.

The proposed increase follows the Legislature's acceptance this week of the two-tiered tuition plan adopted by the state Board of Regents in November.

The new plan permits each state college and university to ask for an institution-specific tuition increase that would be in addition to statewide hikes.

UVSC officials requested the new policy because it would allow all revenue to benefit the institution that raised it.

Administrators would decide how to spend the revenue from the second tuition increase, according to the policy.

Val Peterson, UVSC associate vice president for college relations, said schools requesting the additional surcharge have to demonstrate "critical institution needs."

In accordance with the newly approved "truth in tuition" bill, there will be a hearing at 8 a.m. March 12 to notify students of the proposed UVSC tuition increase and allow for public comment.

The proposed increase will go before the regents on March 14.