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World datelines


LUANDA — Government troops retook the municipality of Kibaxi that was recently seized by rebel forces and said 8,000 people were missing, church-run radio reported.


SAO PAULO — Mario Covas, the hot-tempered and blunt-speaking governor of Sao Paulo, died Tuesday from multiple organ failure at the age of 70.


BUJUMBURA — President Pierre Buyoya has ruled out handing over power to a transitional leader until a cease-fire in his war-torn country is agreed upon. Sporadic shelling could be heard coming from the outskirts of this capital city Tuesday — the 11th day of a fierce assault launched on the city by ethnic Hutu rebels.


PHNOM PENH — Prime Minister Hun Sen told developed countries to stop trading cultural artifacts stolen from their developing neighbors. Cambodia, recovering from decades of civil strife, has long been a target of looters who steal ancient statues and sculptures and sell them to the West.


LONDON — Prime Minister Tony Blair tried to entice big business into investing in "green" technology, saying there was money to be made by helping save the world from the effects of global warming. Blair announced a $146.7 million fund to boost investment in Britain in wind, solar and wave power. But some critics said he was just making a craven appeal for the environmental vote ahead of an expected spring election.

LONDON — A fishing trawler sank in high seas off Britain's Western Isles, leaving seven sailors missing and feared drowned in the icy waters.


GUATEMALA CITY — Twenty-four Guatemalan deputies, including an ex-dictator accused of human rights abuses during the country's civil war, were stripped of their immunity from prosecution by the Supreme Court so that they may face corruption charges.


TEHRAN — President Mohammad Khatami has strong doubts about running for re-election amid growing frustration with the hard-line opposition to his liberal reforms, one of his close allies said.


BEIRA — South African helicopters swept through flood-stricken central Mozambique searching for people stranded by the rising river waters. There were fears that a mini-cyclone might hit the southern African country, adding to the devastation caused by the massive volume of water already flowing down the Zambezi and its tributaries.


KATMANDU — The interior ministry said it has issued a list of the names of 302 suspected members of a communist rebel group held in different jails, a key demand of Maoist guerrillas to begin peace talks aimed at ending a bloody rebellion that has racked the Himalayan kingdom for five years.

South Africa

PRETORIA — A court action brought by the world's biggest drug firms to stop South Africa importing cheaper generic AIDS drugs and other medicines was postponed until April 18, parties to the case said.

South Korea

SEOUL — Luxembourg agreed to establish full diplomatic ties with communist North Korea, an official report said. Luxembourg is the 12th European Union member to agree to establish full ties with the North.


MADRID — Police arrested 15 people believed to be leading members of a youth wing of ETA in another crackdown on the radical Basque separatist group and its supporters, authorities said.


BANGKOK — Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra complained about the slowness of the probe into a bomb that wrecked a plane he was about to board, with police still uncertain whether the blast was an assassination attempt against him.