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Zoning change was wrong

Josh Loftin's article (Deseret News, Feb. 19) about the Murray City Council voting to change the zoning on two historic homes so they can be replaced by an office building totally missed another very important point. It was also a blatant case of spot zoning. Professional planners know that an action where two homes on a residential block are rezoned not only undermines the neighborhood, but it also undermines the whole planning and zoning process. The Murray City Planning and Zoning Commission recognized this with its unanimous 6-0 vote to oppose the zoning change. Unfortunately, its vote was not mentioned in the article.

The Deseret News also should have reported the detailed results of the voting. By stating that the "City Council approved" implied that the whole council agreed to change the zoning. This was unfair to the council members who were opposed. There were only three votes cast for the change. Unfortunately I was out of town and could not cast a vote, but I do want the residents in my district to know I would have voted against this spot zoning change.

Richard Stauffer

Murray City Council Member