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Take stand on 'nude' clubs

On Feb. 21, I attended a South Salt Lake City Council meeting. During the meeting, the City Council was considering a proposed ordinance that would require "nude" clubs to change the way they do business. Those businesses want to continue operating as they are. As a resident of South Salt Lake, I am concerned that our image as a city has not been very good, in part, because of nude and semi-nude businesses known to be part of this city.

There are many peripheral problems because of these types of businesses that were enumerated at the meeting. I was impressed that there were several residents of the community who expressed their concerns regarding such businesses. Nearly all were in favor of the proposed changes. But my real concern is that there are many more residents who are not aware of these establishments and the problems they can create.

Where are the community councils that represent the people in their neighborhoods? Where do they stand on this issue? Where are the moral and religious leaders of the community? Where are the women's protectors? I believe it's time to step up and voice your concerns in this matter. Call your city council members or come to the next meeting on this issue and take a stand.

Barbara Gridley Carlson

South Salt Lake