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Carnahan's tombstone stolen from a Missouri cemetery

ELLSINORE, Mo. (AP) — Gov. Mel Carnahan's granite grave marker was stolen from a southern Missouri cemetery, family members said.

"Now why would somebody take this? They can't sell it. They can't show it off," said Edwina Carnahan, the late governor's first cousin, who tends the grave site. "It just grieves us to think it was someone's idea of a joke."

She said it would have taken two people to move the 80-pound gray headstone. The temporary marker is an 8-by-16-inch rectangle and is four inches thick, according to the monument company that donated the headstone.

The marker was noticed missing last week. Nothing else appeared to be disturbed at the plot, which also contains graves for the late governor's son Roger, his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.