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Students return to Santana High

Police say teenager expressed no remorse in the fatal shooting

SANTEE, Calif. — Inside the campus of Santana High School, few signs remain of the deadly gunfire that erupted two days ago.

Bullet holes that riddled a bathroom where the massacre began have been patched and covered with paint, and the floors have been scrubbed of all traces of blood.

But as the school's more than 1,900 students prepared to return Wednesday, the sound and sight of a fellow student gunning down his classmates remained all too vivid.

The school reopens the same day Charles Andrew Williams, 15, accused in the shootings, was to be arraigned as an adult on charges that include murder. Two students died in Monday's attack and 13 people were injured.

Nicole LaPage and Carolyn Baza got as far as the school entrance Tuesday night and stopped. Students and their families had been invited to the school to help them begin coming to grips with the shootings, but for LaPage and Baza, the memory was still too fresh to go in.

"I walk that way everyday to my first class," said LaPage, 18, as she described how she and Baza heard the popping of the shooter's gun and then dove for cover in a classroom.

"At the beginning of the hall, we're walking. At the end of the hall, he's shooting. Then it hit me, 'Oh my God, this is for real,' " she said.

On the concrete path, Randy Gordon, 17, lay motionless. Bryan Zuckor, 14, was also killed.

In interviews with San Diego County sheriff's investigators, Williams seemed angry and expressed no remorse for the shootings, said Lt. Jerry Lewis. But investigators said they couldn't pinpoint who or what he was mad at.

"We don't know if he was mad at the school, mad at students, mad at life, mad at home," Lewis said. "He was an angry young man."

The teenager allegedly opened fire Monday morning, shooting indiscriminately at the passing students in an open yard.

"The information we have from the evidence and the witnesses (is) the suspect was firing randomly at anybody who was going by," Lewis said.

Barry Gibson, 18, who was released from a hospital Tuesday with a bullet wound to the leg, told reporters he heard shooting coming from inside a nearby bathroom.

"I am pretty sure everyone, including myself, thought they were firecrackers," he said.

Three students remained hospitalized Wednesday morning, all listed in good condition.