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Air Force Academy professor charged with sex misconduct

COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) — An Air Force Academy professor has been charged with having sex with two cadets and lying about it, the second academy staffer accused of sexual misconduct in the past year.

Capt. Christine M. Fiori, assistant professor of civil engineering, faces up to six years in military prison. Fiori, who denied the allegations to officials, declined comment to The Gazette of Colorado Springs when contacted Wednesday at her home.

Fiori, who joined the Air Force in August 1997, was charged by academy prosecutors on Tuesday with willful dereliction of duty and making a false statement. The military forbids relationships between people of different ranks. Fiori outranked the cadets when the alleged incidents are said to have occurred last year. She has been suspended pending the outcome of the case, academy spokesman Capt. John Elolf said.