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Crash ends wild chase of a motor home

2 fugitives are arrested after S.L. Valley incident

A wild chase involving the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department, West Valley police, U.S. marshals and an old motor home through rush-hour traffic Wednesday afternoon resulted in the arrests of two fugitives. Investigators were looking for a third man Thursday morning.

The chase began just before 4:30 p.m. while agents were holding surveillance on a downtown Salt Lake motel. Officers were looking for two federal fugitives and one state fugitive. All of them were wanted on drug and federal weapons charges.

Investigators noticed two of the suspects getting into a motor home and began pursuit, said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Bobby Sampson.

The chase went to 700 East where the motor home weaved in and out of heavy traffic leaving the downtown area. The motor home driver tried to elude police by driving in the lanes of oncoming traffic and jumping curbs to get around other cars. At one point, the chase went through a school zone on 700 East.

Police were able to protect other drivers by blocking oncoming traffic until the motor home went by.

During the chase, the suspects threw a black suitcase out the window. It contained materials used in a meth lab, said Sampson.

The chase continued to State Street and finally ended near 4500 South and 500 West when the motor home ran into a light pole, opening the side of the vehicle like a tin can, Sampson said. The chase lasted about 20 minutes.

A man, 27, and a woman, 35, were taken into custody. A police dog was used to subdue the man.

Police found a loaded handgun in the motor home and more meth-making materials, Sampson said.

Police said the man has an extensive criminal history mainly for drug-related offenses. Investigators said the third outstanding man in the case should be considered armed and dangerous.