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Wave of threats targets schools

Parents, educators reporting incidents from coast to coast

A loaded handgun in a kindergarten class. A revolver with a sawed-off barrel in a middle school. Hit lists in high school. Even boasts that the Columbine massacre was mere child's play.

Ever since Charles Andrew Williams allegedly killed two classmates and wounded 13 others Monday at his high school in suburban San Diego, parents and educators have witnessed a rash of school-related threats.

The schools in question can be public and private. They can be elementary, middle or high. The children can be boys or girls, popular or outcast. The reports keep coming in.

In California alone, 16 students, including three teens who attend the California School for the Deaf, have been detained since Tuesday for threatening teachers and students or bringing weapons on campus.

Among them was a 15-year-old Perris High School student who was led off in handcuffs Wednesday when he boasted that he could outdo the massacre of 15, including two teen gunmen, at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., in 1999.

In Pennsylvania, a 14-year-old girl was charged with attempted homicide after allegedly shooting a classmate in the shoulder at their parochial school in Williamsport on Wednesday.

And a 12-year-old student of the Thomas Morton Elementary School in southwest Philadelphia was arrested Wednesday after a .22-caliber pistol was allegedly found in his possession.

On Monday, an 8-year-old boy armed with a loaded handgun threatened a "bloodbath" in the Henry C. Lea School in west Philadelphia before being taken into custody.

In Michigan, police arrested a 17-year-old girl accused of talking some middle school students into delivering a false bomb threat to authorities. The teen gave a note to three children Tuesday at a playground next to the school and told them to bring it to the sheriff's office.

In Iowa, a 15-year-old Assumption High School student was arrested Wednesday after threatening to get a gun and shoot everyone in the school, Davenport police said. By court order, he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. A student tipped authorities.

In Florida, Philip M. Bryant, a sophomore at Bayshore High School in Bradenton, was charged Wednesday with carrying a loaded semiautomatic handgun on campus. Bryant, 17, was suspended.

And John Wayne Morrison, 17, was arrested after he was allegedly found carrying a revolver with a sawed-off barrel at Meadowlawn Middle School, his former school, in St. Petersburg. A student saw the gun and alerted a detective.

In Washington state, a 16-year-old boy was arrested Wednesday after allegedly brandishing a gun during a Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps session. Classmates at Kentwood High School in Covington said he ordered them to sit down and shut up, then let them leave. No one was hurt.

In Virginia, a 12-year old middle school student was arrested Wednesday for threatening to bring a gun to school and shoot a female classmate. He was charged with a misdemeanor charge of making a threat over the telephone.

In Wisconsin, a 14-year-old boy who fled from his middle school while being disciplined Wednesday returned with a gun just after classes let out but was taken into custody without incident, Elm Grove police said.

In Texas, a high school freshman found with a hit list of pupils he reportedly wanted to kill was expelled from Harlingen High School. The letter suggested the boy wanted to commit the same attack as the shooter in San Diego.

In Arizona, three students were arrested Wednesday: An eighth-grader was accused of threatening to bring a gun to school to shoot sixth-graders; a 13-year-old was arrested for making threats to shoot classmates who ridiculed him; and a 13-year-old girl was arrested after a bomb threat was left on an answering machine Tuesday night.

In New Jersey, a 15-year-old boy honor student was arrested in Camden for allegedly threatening to shoot members of a high school clique during a wood shop class Tuesday.

In Indianapolis, Calvin Sistrunk Jr. and Shawnee Sistrunk were charged with felony neglect Wednesday when their 6-year-old daughter took a loaded handgun to kindergarten March 1.

In Minnesota, Nhia Chue Kong was charged with child endangerment Wednesday after his 5-year-old granddaughter brought a loaded gun to school Feb. 26. The girl and another 5-year-old were suspended, though it appeared the girl was unaware that the weapon was inside a purse she brought to school.