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Why de-junk your life? Let author count the ways

Why de-junk? Don Aslett gives these reasons:

To feel better: To stop feeling bogged down, disorganized, depressed, out of control.

To get more enjoyment out of life: You enjoy life a lot more when you aren't spending all that time digging in storage bins, dusting shelves and working overtime to pay for stuff you didn't really want or need.

To be able to travel light: Clutter takes away our freedom and limits our lifestyle. We can't leave it or stop worrying about it.

To think more clearly: When you're buried in clutter, you have no time for yourself and no chance to think clearly or to make forward motion on the things that REALLY matter to you.

To become a master manager: It'll be so much easier to operate after you de-junk that you'll immediately be able to get a lot more done every day. You'll be able to find things when you need them, and cleaning will take half as much time.

For the image we give: Junk and clutter never create a good impression.

For better relationships: Clutter is unsexy, even repulsive, and it gets between us and other people.

For space: Aren't we all feeling crowded, enclosed, short of space?

To save money: De-junked people not only tend less, they spend less.

For safety's sake: Clutter is the culprit behind many accidents, fires, injuries and other disasters.

For aesthetics: Clutter is visual pollution. Clutter is ugly and unattractive.

For the carryover: Once you get the physical clutter out, you'll be amazed how fast the mental clutter follows.