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Don't trust liberal-bashers

Susan Leavitt Miller (Lawsuit against U. justified, Feb. 14) says that the U. discriminated against drama student Christina Axson-Flynn. Ms. Axson-Flynn was cast as a character in a play, and the character has some obscene lines. The director tried to coerce Ms. Axson-Flynn into speaking those lines, but it is against Ms. Axson-Flynn's religious principles to speak such language. Ms. Miller is blaming "liberals" for this.

I agree with Ms. Miller that Ms. Axson-Flynn has a case against the U., and I am a liberal. I am sick and tired of hearing liberal-bashers blame everything wrong on "liberals." This is not honest.

I wish to make a clarification here. The director can't change lines in a copyrighted play; that would be illegal. If Ms. Axson-Flynn's case is based on that, she will lose, and it won't be the fault of "liberals." The fault of the director was in miscasting Ms. Axson-Flynn. The director should have recast Ms. Axson-Flynn in a more suitable part, in another play if necessary. If the director refused to do that, Ms. Axson-Flynn has a case.

Ms. Miller also says Mayor Rocky Anderson was elected because conservatives "are tolerant of our liberal neighbors." Mayor Anderson was elected by liberals. Most Utah liberals live in Salt Lake City, the headquarters of the LDS Church. I have known many Mormons who are liberals. Most of our conservative legislators come from the rural areas or small towns, and this has nothing to do with religion.

Mayor Anderson ran a clean campaign against Stuart Reid, who ran a McCarthy-style campaign. Mr. Reid called himself a "conservative." If any real conservatives were put off by Mr. Reid's style and voted for Mayor Anderson, I commend them. Was Ms. Miller one of them?

I would like to end with a warning to the public: Don't trust liberal-bashers; none of them are honest.

Leon Johnson

Salt Lake City