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West High safe and secure

Recent news reports about an unfortunate incident at West High School have portrayed West as an unsafe school. I want to assure you and the public that just the opposite is true.

The assault of a disabled student at West came as a disappointment to me, the school and the entire district. The school, working with district administrators, has offered several accommodations to the injured student, one of which is a Spanish-speaking home-school teacher. District and school personnel are continuing to meet with the family in an effort to address any issues or concerns the parents or student may have. Students who may have witnessed the assault have been interviewed by police and school administrators. Police have determined that only one student was involved in the assault, and that student was arrested and no longer attends West.

West High's security team, in collaboration with administrators and teachers, has worked diligently to make safety a top priority. When situations do occur, please know that the security and administrative teams work quickly to resolve the issues. Hopefully, parents and patrons will contact the school with any questions they may have regarding safety and security. As principal of West High School, I am fully committed to ensuring West is a safe school and the education of our students. They are at the central focus point in everything that we do as professional educators. This unfortunate assault has only reinforced the resolve to make West High as safe as possible.

Joyce Gray

principal, West High School

Salt Lake City