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Bush isn't such an 'idiot'

Democrats think the only way for George Bush to reach across party lines to unite the nation is to become a Democrat himself. The fact is, Bush isn't as stupid as the Democrats had hoped. Could it be that his administration could in fact pick up the pieces left undone by the former administration?

The Democratic Party — the party of compassion — left education, Social Security and health care untouched. America's memory is short. The popular victim Hillary Clinton was the head of health-care reform. What happened?

Don't insult our intelligence. Stop telling hard-working Americans that the tax cut will benefit only the rich. Stop telling us tax relief will hurt the economy. Your scare tactics are nothing but lies.

What it might hurt is your reputation as the party of love. Oh yeah, and it might give the "idiot" in the White House a positive approval rating. Scary, isn't it?

Nikki Richards