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Utah County has 3 options to deal with SunCrest sewage

Decision may come in April commission meeting

PROVO — The list is growing.

Utah County commissioners now have three options in the works for dealing with a Draper development's sewage.

Originally, SunCrest Development Co., which plans to put 3,800 homes and associated commercial interests atop Traverse Ridge Mountain, asked the county two months ago to create a new special service district to handle the wastewater from the homes on the Utah County side.

At that time it was determined a better option might be to simply extend the area serviced by the Timpanogos Special Service District, a move not popular with the cities in north Utah County who are members of the district.

Timpanogos District board members and the mayors of Alpine and Highland have gone on record as opposed to development on the mountain. Any effort to facilitate that development has been met with strong resistance.

Now, County Commissioner Jerry Grover is suggesting a contract between South Valley Sewer District in Salt Lake County and the Timpanogos District might be the best solution.

"We've found during our discussions with Draper that Draper doesn't do any of its own sewer. South Valley does all of the lines and so it makes more sense to deal directly with South Valley," Grover said. "They use a tax levy to pay for what they do, and they couldn't have half of their area on a tax levy and half not."

Grover said he's met several times with Draper staff members to try and work out an underlying agreement that will ultimately protect Utah County from any further encroachment and/or unchecked density on the south side of the mountain.

He said whatever choice is selected when the commission decides April 24 on what to do — if anything — SunCrest will still pay for the expansion of lines and capacity as Timpanogos takes on the additional flows.

"We'd keep all of the terms we've talked about the same," Grover said. "This just puts in South Valley instead of Draper. It's just a contract, like we've done with Cedar Hills and with Eagle Mountain."

All three options are being concurrently legally noticed and considered, he said. The public hearing for addressing the South Valley annexation will be set for April 10 in the next commission meeting.

A fourth option is also in the mix.

Grover said the owners of SunCrest have filed a petition asking that only the SunCrest development be dealt with at this time and not all of the Draper land that falls within Utah County.

"Their main issue is time," Grover said.

SunCrest spokesman Ty McCutcheon has defined the timeline for development to actively begin on the Utah County side is about 18 months out.

Until the sewage treatment issue is addressed, building south of the gravity line cannot occur.