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3 bodies recovered from plane

The State Medical Examiner's Office is examining three bodies recovered from the wreckage of a plane that had been missing since Feb. 18.

Box Elder County search and rescue crews recovered the bodies Tuesday on Pilot Peak, a mountain north of Wendover straddling the Utah-Nevada border.

The medical examiner had not yet confirmed the remains were those of Richard S. Fox, 34, Wendover; Kerry L. Fowler, 46, Lehi, and Cody L. Lewis, 44, Wendover.

Lewis was the pilot of a plane that took off from Wendover and was last seen on the radar screen over Pilot's Peak.

Authorities from Nevada discovered the plane wreckage Sunday night on the Utah side of the peak and called in the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office to recover the remains.

According to the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office, the plane went straight into the ground, creating a crater six to 10 feet deep. Parts of the aircraft were spread over a 100-square-foot area, sheriff's officials said.

"There was severe trauma to the bodies," Box Elder County Chief Deputy Sheriff Lynn Yeates said.

The plain wreckage was moved Wednesday to Spanish Fork.