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ELF targets capitalism

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I am writing about a disturbing piece of information I recently came across. It concerns a group called the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). ELF claims to be saving the Earth from certain destruction by capitalism. And by doing so it has caused billions of dollars worth of damage worldwide.

What I am concerned about is that on April 19, Earth Day, ELF is calling on its members worldwide to take "action." In other words, cause massive amounts of damage to private business and to individuals' properties.

The general public needs to prepare. I write to expose this organization for what it is, not a group of environmentalists striving to save the world, but a terrorist organization out to achieve its own gains at the expense of the general populace.

I urge you the take a look at its Web site: www.earthliberationfront.com and see for yourself what this group is up to.

Stephen Nielson

Salt Lake City