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Bishop Keith B. McMullin

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"To those who yearn for spiritual truth, some things become self-evident. I bear witness of these things . . . Therefore, I raise this day a 'voice of warning.' "

The Lord has spoken of calamity to befall the inhabitants of the Earth. Calamities come in different forms. But even more devastating than natural calamities are "calamitous forces of evil which surfeit us continually." "Temptation is on every hand. Crassness and wrangling have become a way of life . . . Therefore this 'voice of warning:' "

Beware of worldly lusts, beware of worldly wealth and beware of worldly preoccupation with self.

"In the midst of these perils, there is a safe harbor . . . There is safety in being a Saint. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ are known as Latter-day Saints."

Being saintly means being good, pure and upright. Virtues should not be declared, but lived. For Saints, the kingdom of God, or the church, is not a byline. It is the center of their lives.

Worldly lusts lose their allure as the holy sacrament assumes its proper place. Worldly wealth loses its peril through conscientious adherence to the Lord's tithe. Worldly preoccupation with self surrenders to sacrifice, consecration and other holy covenants of the temple.

"And so, fear not. The things deemed weak by the world overthrow evils that appear so mighty and strong . . . And the Lord's covenant people prepare this Earth for his Second Coming. This is our duty. May the Lord sustain us in it is our prayer."