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Spy-plane crew ponders a Hollywood question

SHARE Spy-plane crew ponders a Hollywood question

Who would you want to play you in the Hollywood version of your life?

Some of the 24 spy plane crew members who were detained on a Chinese island say they know who they'd want to portray them.

"I'm torn between (Russell) Crowe and (Matt) Damon. Either one would be an honor," mission commander Lt. Shane Osborn said Monday on the Fox News Channel morning show "Fox and Friends."

Osborn joked that "Carrot Top could play (Lt. j.g. Jeff) Vignery," a redhead.

"I was thinking Ron Howard would be interesting," Vignery responded.

The crew members returned to their home base on Whidbey Island, Wash., on Saturday. They had been held for 11 days on an island where their surveillance plane landed after a collision with a Chinese fighter jet.