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8 of crew found inside Hunley hull

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — Remains of eight of the nine men who perished when the Confederate submarine Hunley sank 137 years ago have been found inside the salvaged hull.

Scientists excavating sediment from inside the sub said Monday they have uncovered bones of two more crewmen. The only man unaccounted for is Lt. George Dixon, the sub's commander.

Scientists expect to find Dixon's remains in the front of the crew compartment, where excavation has yet to begin and where Dixon would have been piloting the hand-cranked sub.

Partial remains of the seventh and eighth crewmen were found during the weekend, said Bob Neyland, director of the Hunley project.

All the remains have been found at crew stations next to the propeller crank that ran down the middle of the cramped iron tube.

The Hunley sank the night of Feb. 17, 1864, shortly after ramming an explosive charge into the Union blockade ship Housatonic.