The church has an urgent need for mature couples to serve in the mission field.

Such service on the part of members whose families are reared is an unparalleled example for their progeny.

"Is it possible that in spiritual matters, our example speaks louder than our words? . . . If we are willing to leave our loved ones for service in the mission field, we will bless them with a heritage that will teach and inspire them for generations to come."

Four "F's" often stand in the way of mature couples contemplating a mission: fear, family concerns, finances and finding the right mission opportunity.

For those who fear, "You will be told by the spirit what to say and when to say it in a very natural process as you strengthen young missionaries, testify to investigators and new members, teach leadership skills, and friendship and fellowship less-active members."

"In the eternal perspective, a mission is but a few moments away from familiar settings, family and having retirement fun with old friends." The families of missionaries are blessed in many ways that make the temporary separation worthwhile.

"Missionary work has always involved sacrifices. If some sacrifices are necessary, then the blessings will be all the more abundant.

"The ways in which couples can serve are virtually limitless. From mission office support and leadership training to family history, temple work and humanitarian service — there is an opportunity to use almost any skill or talent."

It is appropriate for mature couples or individuals to approach their bishops with their desire to serve.