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Reach out to those on drugs

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Not having control of your actions and being in bad situations. Is that your idea of fun?

Well, it's not mine. Drugs may make you feel good momentarily, but in the end, it's not so great. Drugs just don't do you any good. Drug use ends with bad consequences, whether it is losing friends, being in trouble with the police or your parents, or even death.

Thousands of teens see the bad examples of drug use on TV and movies. Those forms of so-called entertainment really don't show what happens when people take illegal drugs. TV and movies often just show that it's cool for people to do drugs and don't let you view what the long-term consequences are with illegal drug use.

How do kids get hold of these drugs? Aren't today's youths educated about what happens when you take drugs? Isn't someone paying attention to their loved ones?

Drugs don't get you anywhere. Wake up! Reach out to those you love who may be using illegal drugs.

Jackie Twitchell

West Point