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Local births

Davis Hospital and Medical Center-

COFFEY, Diana Lynn and Stephen James, Centerville, boy, April 16.

FERNANDES, Maura Aparecida and Sergio Aparecido, Roy, girl, April 16.

PECK, Jennefer Rene and Jeffrey Ray, Mountain Green, boy, April 16.

PETRASH, Tina Kerri and Jason William, Hill AFB, girl, April 16.

LDS Hospital-

ADAMS, Tamara and Charles, Salt Lake City, boy, April 17.

BECKSTEAD, Jody and Travis, Midvale, boy, April 17.

DAVIS, Stacey and Robert, Bountiful, boy, April 17.

DEARDEN, Holly and John, Kearns, boy, April 17.

GARDNER, Elizabeth and Mark, Salt Lake City, boy, April 17.

GONZALES, Marisol and Benjamin, Wendover, Nev., boy, April 17.

HEINHOLD, Stephanie and Brian, Woods Cross, girl, April 17.

HIGLEY, Fanetta and Kenney, Tooele, girl, April 17.

MUNNS, Angela and Dale, Salt Lake City, girl, April 17.

ROESLER, Soraya and Russell, Sandy, boy, April 17.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ATWOOD, Lisa and Rex, Roy, girl, April 18.

BABCOCK, Hannah and Daniel, Ogden, girl, April 19.

BARNES, Trisha and James, North Ogden, girl, April 20.

BERGMAN, Jennifer and Robert, South Weber, boy, April 17.

BOYLE, Stacie and Steven, Roy, girl, April 19.

BRINKERHOFF, Melissa and Paul, South Weber, boy, April 19.

COBAUGH, Stephanie and Branden, Kaysville, boy, April 18.

ESTRADA, Trina and Alex, Ogden, girl, April 18.

GARNER, Wendy and Lance, West Point, girl, April 17.

GARNIER, Carrie and Wilfried, West Jordan, boy, April 17.

HALE, Amanda and Shane, Ogden, girl, April 18.

JONES, Kora and Andrew, Kaysville, boy, April 18.

MURDOCK, Wendy and Daniel, North Ogden, boy, April 17.

NANCE, Amy and James, Layton, girl, April 19.

POWELL, Melissa and Jacob, Ogden, boy, April 17.

VAUGHN, Dana and Samuel, Ogden, boy, April 18.

Ogden Regional Medical Center-

ARNOLD, Kristin Jo and Alan Duane, Roy, girl, April 9.

CUTRUBUS, Darla Mary and Dan Skyler, Ogden, girl, April 12.

DROESBEKE, Rebecca and Daniel David, Clinton, girl, April 12.

FROERER, Marianne and Zane Spencer, South Ogden, boy, April 11.

GOODEN, Sara Lynn, Ogden, boy, April 8.

HARRIS, Pamela Linn, and HAYES, Michael Jorma, Clearfield, girl, April 11.

HOWARD, Louise Fay, and KRAEMER, James Lawrence, Ogden, boy, April 15.

HOWELL, DeAnn and Travis Steven, Roy, boy, April 16.

IBARRA, Rosie, and RICHE, Martin Kay, Ogden, girl, April 11.

LEE, Marci'elle Patricia, and JOHNSTUN, Tyson Jacob, Roy, girl, April 11.

LOAFMAN, Diana Pedraza and Jeffery Thomas, Brigham City, boy, April 8.

MARILES, Theresa Marie and Juan Manuel, Ogden, boy, April 9.

MARTIN, Pamela Charlene, Layton, girl, April 9.

OLSEN, Angela Oraleen and Mark Madsen, Clinton, boy, April 10.

PAYNE, Angela Marie and Robert Markell, Ogden, girl, April 11.

PINILLA, Laura Paola, Ogden, girl, April 12.

RASMUSSEN, Jennifer Louise and Michael Jay, Roy, girl, April 16.

RUIZ, Cristina, and HERNANDEZ, Armando Jr., Ogden, boy, April 9.

RUSHTON, Brandy Lynn and Chad Dean, Perry, Box Elder County, girl, April 14.

SLAY, Jenifer and Taylor Fairbanks, Clinton, boy, April 9.

SLONE, Linda Lee and and Kendall Jr., Hooper, Weber County, boy, April 10.

SMITHEY, ReNae and John, Ogden, girl, April 15.

SORENSEN, Tami Lyn and Jared Lynn, Garland, Box Elder County, boy, April 10.

STRATFORD, Jodie and Rick Lyman, Cenerville, girl, April 12.

WOOD, Shelly and Gary LeRoy, Willard, boy, April 10.

WOODARD, Rachael Basa, and WASHINGTON, Darrell Eugene Sr., Ogden, boy, April 15.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

ABRAHAM, Victoria, and SIMONETTE, Troy, Kearns, girl, April 17.

FULLER, Jennifer, Magna, boy, April 18.

JENSEN, Joei, and JATERKA, Robert III, West Valley City, girl, April 18.

KOHLER, Rebecca and Robert, West Valley City, boy, April 18.

MOORE, Juli, and ARIAS, Maximino, West Valley City, girl, April 17.

MORAN, Gloria, West Valley City, girl, April 16.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ANDERSON, Alisa Marie and Michael Lynn, West Jordan, girl, April 21.

ARRINGTON, Sandra and Daniel Phillip, Midvale, boy, April 21.

DARBY, Camylle and Trevor Ure, South Jordan, girl, April 21.

DOYLE, Mandee Lynn, West Valley City, girl, April 22.

GOMEZ, Karen Diana and Carlos Andres, Taylorsville, boy, April 20.

HERNANDEZ, Antonia A. and Jose Luis, Salt Lake City, boy, April 20.

JARAMILLO, Leah Elena, Murray, boy, April 20.

KING, Martha and Douglas Alan, Park City, boy, April 20.

KOOLHOVEN, Misty Dawn and Jason, Sandy, boy, April 20.

LOPEZ-TAGGART, Udelia, and TAGGART, Bryan Hinckley, Sandy, girl, April 20.

McCANN, Kathryn Sue, and JONES, Anthony, Park City, girl, April 20.

McCRALEY-GARREAUD, Jenifer Sue, and GARREAUD, Spencer Budd, Salt Lake City, girl, April 22.

POINTER, Jolee Marie and Kirk Evan, Park City, boy, April 22.

RODRIGUEZ, Lillian Irene, and CABEZAS, Mario, Bountiful, boy, April 20.

RUPP, Jann and Gordon Ashby, West Jordan, girl, April 21.

SIGLER, Cara Nicole and Wesley Lee, Salt Lake City, girl, April 22.

SKINNER, Kelly and Earnest Morgan III, Salt Lake City, girl, April 21.

YU, Yao and Ping, Salt Lake City, boy, April 21.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

AGUILAR, Diana Del Rocio and Abner Osvaldo, Provo, boy, April 13.

AHMU, Cindy and Joseph David, Orem, girl, April 13.

ARNELL, Karalee and Erick Elden, Provo, boy, April 12.

BALL, Cheyanne and Matthew Jared, Springville, girl, April 11.

BRAITHWAITE, Jennifer and Brian Lee, Mapleton, girl, April 12.

BRYAN, Shannon June and William Henry Jr., Orem, girl, April 12.

BURTON, Joy-Noel and Jacob Kyle, Springville, girl, April 11.

FERRIS, Katherine Elaine, and KIDRICK, Joey Dewayne, Provo, boy, April 11.

FORREST, Holli Tiffany and Kenneth Edwin, Provo, girl, April 13.

FREEDMAN, Alyson and William Alan, Provo, boy, April 13.

GENTRY, Sauna Marie and Stephen Christopher, Pleasant Grove, girl, April 11.

GROOM, Melissa Lee and David Ken, Lindon, boy, April 12.

GUILBERT, Margaret Sharon and Derrill Eric, Orem, girl, April 12.

HARMON, Jessica Anne, and WILSON, Matthew Samuel, Provo, girl, April 11.

HERRST, Elesha Kay and Vernon Edward II, Orem, boy, April 11.

HICKMAN, Randalynn and Damon Hale, Payson, boy, April 13.

HOLMES, Suzanne and Benjamin Dean, Provo, boy, April 11.

HOPKINS, Jennifer and Andrew Christian, Heber City, boy, April 12.

HORROCKS, Kristin and Bradly Clifford, Springville, boy, April 11.

HUNSAKER, Andranna and Blaine White, Provo, boy, April 12.

HUSBANDS, Amanda Fe' Thomas and Kenneth Rudolph, Pleasant Grove, twins, two boys, April 11.

JARAMILLO, Trina Caroline and Charles Todd, Spanish Fork, boy, April 12.

JENSEN, Monica and Ryan Lynn, Provo, boy, April 11.

JOO, Kyungrye and Dail, Provo, boy, April 13.

KAUER, Jennifer Mandy and Casey Kevin, Rexburg, Idaho, twins, two girls, April 12.

LEWIS, Jennifer Lynn and Zachary David, Orem, boy, April 11.

LOVELL, Jennifer Lynn and Jeffrey Lynn, Orem, girl, April 12.

MANGUM, Carolyn Ann and William Anthony, Lindon, boy, April 12.

MIJARES, Rita G. and Jose, Provo, boy, April 12.

NIELSON, Shawna Michelle and David Carl, Lehi, boy, April 11.

OLSEN, LeAnn and Lane K., Spanish Fork, boy, April 11.

ROBINSON, Lori Joy and Justin Dennis, Springville, girl, April 13.

ROGERS, Angela Kaye and Loren Kirk, Santaquin, boy, April 12.

STUTZ, Jennifer Irene and Albert Alonzo, Provo, boy, April 6.

SUTHERLAND, Christine and James Samuel, Spanish Fork, girl, April 11.

URIBE, Alicia and Carlos, Provo, girl, April 12.

VALADEZ, Elva, and RUBIO, Jose Manuel, Lindon, girl, April 12.

WEAVER, Laura and Brian J., Kimberly, Piute County, girl, April 13.

WILLIAMSON, Rina Cristina and James Michael, Provo, boy, April 12.

ZITE, Janice and Edwin Charles, Midway, boy, April 13.