SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A man who used Tiger Woods' identity to steal $17,000 worth of goods was sentenced to 200 years-to-life in prison.

Anthony Lemar Taylor was convicted of falsely obtaining a driver's license using the name Eldrick T. Woods, Woods' Social Security number and his birth date.

Though he looks nothing like golf's best player, the 30-year-old Taylor then used the false identification and credit cards to buy a 70-inch TV, stereos and a used luxury car between August 1998 and August 1999.

Judge Michael Virga gave Taylor the maximum sentence under California's three-strikes law Friday.

Taylor's lawyer, James Greiner, said the 200-year term is tantamount to a death sentence and should be reserved for those who injure or kill someone. He urged Virga to sentence Taylor to the minimum 19 years, arguing Taylor's prior crimes have involved theft.

Deputy District Attorney Russ Detrick said the state's three-strikes law was written for criminals like Taylor, who has been convicted of 20 misdemeanor or felony crimes over 17 years.

Greiner accused prosecutors of using Woods' celebrity status to convict Taylor of eight theft and two perjury counts.

"The prosecution had a theory ... to bring Mr. Tiger Woods in here and create a celebrity case and ride that celebrity status to convict Mr. Taylor," Greiner said.

Prosecutors said they treated Woods like any other crime victim, though he was given special courthouse access when he testified in December.