Kitchen chimes

Remove handle from an old metal colander. Spray colander and eight metal cookie cutters (about 2 or 3 inches in diameter) with bright-colored enamel spray. Let dry. Spray with spray webbing purchased at craft and hardware stores. Drill a hole in one handle of a wooden rolling pin; attach to colander using 3 inches of small chain that can be obtained at a hardware store, usually for less than $1 a foot.

Drill a hole in the other handle of the rolling pin; tie a metal cookie cutter to it with heavy twine. Use chain cut to 8-, 8 1/2- 9- and 10-inch lengths to attach the other cookie cutters to colander. Suspend them at equal distances around the large end of colander. Use pliers to open and close links of chain, pushing through holes of colander. Adjust lengths of chain so cookie cutters clang into each other when set in motion. Put a hook in top of colander and suspend from the ceiling.

Pie tin and old silver

Use a 9-inch metal pie tin.

Punch holes or use a metal bit on a drill to drill holes at intervals and wire lightweight chain cut to 10- and 16-inch lengths to the pie tin.

Flatten two soup spoons, three teaspoons, three dinner forks and three salad forks by pounding them with a sledge hammer. Drill a small hole near the end of the handle of each piece of silver. Attach the silver to one end of the chain. Use pliers to open and close links of the chain to facilitate attaching to pie tin. Hang tin by suspending it from chain attached to two holes drilled or punched in the center of the tin. If you wish, tin can be decorated with fluorescent plastic sticks purchased from craft stores. Plan your design, cut sticks to desired size, and follow directions on the package for softening in the oven or in hot water. The plastic sticks will adhere to the sides of the pie tin, and you can create colorful artistic designs that match any decor.

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