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Utah drivers, calm down

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As a native Utahn, who has lived out of the state for several years, but a frequent visitor, I was once again very disturbed by what I experienced on Utah's streets and highways during a recent trip there.

Having driven in most of the states in these United States and in several foreign countries I have never seen more discourteous or dangerous drivers. I found a significant portion of Utah drivers who were driving 10 to 20 miles over the speed limit, tailgating, darting in and out of traffic lanes, driving through traffic lights after they had turned red, and, in general, driving in a manner that conditions would indicate were not safe. I actually became somewhat concerned and frightened about our safety on more than one occasion and was relieved when we drove out of the state.

I have been impressed with the many things that Utah is doing to prepare for the 2002 Winter Games. However, much of the good that is being done can be erased as tourists experience these same driving habits. If the people of Utah want to make a good impression on Olympic visitors, they need to drive in a much more courteous manner.

M. Lynn James

Greeley, Colo.