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Rogue deputies criminals

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Civilization was seriously breached in Salt Lake County and it has apparently been swept under the rug. Deputies threatened physical harm against citizens — elected officials in this case — and will evidently be allowed to do so with impunity. How did these barbarians come to be employed as peace officers sworn to uphold the laws?

Such threats are crimes, and an investigation should be launched by an independent police agency to locate those responsible. And if they were sheriff's deputies, they should not only be instantly suspended but arrested and subjected to swift justice. Such persons have no business serving in law enforcement.

And the incitement provided by the attitude and actions of our county sheriff is cause to consider his immediate removal. We're not talking about running stop signs here. There are no budget considerations that can justify physical threats and extortion (particularly against women and families).

Have we reached such a point of apathy in Utah that we no longer care about illegal acts fostered by those who are supposed to be protecting us from harm?

Paul Sharp

Salt Lake City