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AIDS victims matter, too

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Having just read "AIDS, immorality linked" by Reynolds Mackay in Readers' Forum of June 21, I decided to throw my two-bits worth in.

No one denies the way AIDS is contacted. It requires some form of bodily fluid exchange.

However, thanks to people who deem themselves morally "better than thou," the start of research to combat this disease was delayed.

Regardless of how someone acquires AIDS or what some believe is morally wrong, are their lives more important? None of us is perfect. Just because one has AIDS does not mean he or she is less important to loved ones or to society.

My partner died form AIDS. There are a variety of ways to die with AIDS, all of which are slow and agonizing.

So, to R. Mackay, get off your moral high horse and show a little compassion and love for one another. Who knows? We might find a cure.

Thomas R. Tischner

Salt Lake City