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4 Millcreek hikers found safe after calling 911

SHARE 4 Millcreek hikers found safe after calling 911

Four lost hikers were found late Friday by Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department search teams and safely returned to their vehicles in a Millcreek Canyon parking lot.

The two couples contacted an emergency operator on a cell phone about 4 p.m. Friday after they could not find their way back from a lunch-hour hike. The batteries on the cell phone then ran out.

The rescue effort was aided by a television news helicopter, which spotted the hikers and radioed their position to the search team at about 8 p.m. The rescuers reached the hikers about 9:15 p.m., gave them food and water, and led them down the mountain by about 11 p.m.

The hikers were James Donavan, 36, and Cathleen Teddy, 25, both of Florida, and Robert Pepper, 35, and Donna Cole, 29, both of Salt Lake County.

Sgt. Dean Adams, spokesman for the Sheriff's Department, said the hikers became confused when they tried to find their way back to the parking lot. They instead headed up toward Big Cottonwood Canyon, he said.

"They had forgotten which direction they had come in," Adams said. "Being in the woods and not knowing the mountain well, it's easy to do."

is asked to call the FBI's Salt Lake City office at 801-579-1400.