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Check your state auto insurance code

SHARE Check your state auto insurance code

Victims in drunken-driving accidents should know if they are residing in a "no-fault" insurance state.

And Utah is a "no-fault" state.

In a no-fault state, costs are covered by the policy of each individual involved in the crash. Check your state insurance code or call your State Insurance Commission at the state Capitol for defined coverage, time and dollar limits.

Insurance costs and snags are part of this complex part of a drunken-driving accident, according to the pamphlet "Financial Recovery After a Drunk Driving Crash," published and distributed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, said Janice Harris Lord, the national director of MADD's Victim Services.

Frequently no-fault benefits are open-ended in injury cases, paying bills as they are submitted. Others offer lump sum payments that require detailed anticipated costs and losses. Unfortunately, some insurance companies choose not to pay the bills, requiring the filing of a civil suit.