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Saddened by the circus

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I am saddened to see that the circus has come to our town, and I am particularly distraught about the elephants.

For elephants, the constant travel the circus demands, translates into abysmal living conditions such as fetid, windowless railroad cars, and constant chaining. Behind the scenes life worsens for the elephants as trainers commonly use weapons called bull hooks to beat elephants into submission making them perform unnatural acts such as standing on their heads or dancing. Bull hooks are homemade tools of cruelty that are heavy and have a very sharp hook on the end. By hooking an elephant in the mouth, around the eyes or behind the ears and causing extreme pain and even drawing blood, a trainer can successfully intimidate elephants into performing.

Every ticket sold to the circus perpetuates the abuse of animals. Let's teach our children that elephants are magnificent beings who belong in the wild, not chained out behind the big top.

Karisa Cerullo