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Rock on . . .

Price of success

Popular ex-Utes Keith Van Horn, Mike Doleac and Andre Miller are staging the Third Annual Keith Van Horn Summer Basketball Camp this week at Murray High.

Cost of a week's worth of sessions: $229.

Actually, it's $229 for five morning sessions, $229 for five evening sessions, or $458 for the entire week. There's also an optional $15 fee to enter a raffle for autographed shoes.

I think I'm about to go into sticker shock.

Last time I spent that kind of money was when my sink got clogged on Christmas.

Value priced

But wait! There's still an affordable camp available.

The Jeff Judkins camp, in its 23rd season, costs a mere $130 for four days.

But there's one qualifier: Be prepared to hear stories about Larry Bird, not Allen Iverson.

Bargain basement

Want to hear a really strange story?

Even USA Today writer David DuPree has a basketball camp!

I'm planning on opening a camp of my own: The Rock Monster Carbo Load Basketball Camp.

Total cost: One box of Krispy Kremes a day.

And don't bring anything with coconut on top.

Walking-around money

Actually, I have never been able to figure why NBA players hold camps in the first place.

Do they really need a summer job?


I understand there's an 18-year-old who is already competing in the premier class at Rocky Mountain Raceways.

Sorry, but I'm not impressed.

There's no such thing as 18-year-old who doesn't know how to drive fast.


The bobblehead craze will reach a new level on July 22 when the New Britain (Conn.) Rock Cats unveil a "two-headed" variety, featuring manager Stan Cliburn and pitching coach Stu Cliburn, his brother.

The doll will have one coach's face on the front, the other on the back.

Hmm. A baseball bobblehead that's two-faced.

Why didn't someone think of that for Bobby Valentine?

Proof needed

News reports say baseball could even pre-date 1839, the year Abner Doubleday is said to have invented the game.

A New York baseball buff has discovered a newspaper from 1823 that refers to an upcoming game of "base ball" at the corner of Broadway and 8th Streets in Manhattan.

I'm not convinced it was really baseball.

Not unless he finds some mention of a bobblehead giveaway.

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