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Fireworks a family thing

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The safety of our dry mountains is important, but we need to not get too out of touch. My tiny grandchildren loved the touch of their mommy's hand over theirs at the end of a sparkler. It was the touch of their very own daddy's match to a small device that sputtered and glowed and drew squeals of delight in their own grandpa's back yard with cousins and uncles clapping and laughing together that made sense of the celebration to their young minds.

There is a place for professional fireworks, but not everyone wants to pay big bucks to sit in a hot stadium hour after hour while loud music breaks their eardrums waiting until it gets dark enough to display mega-fireworks and tons of ash in the lap and a midnight drive home in heavy traffic.

Little people like little pleasures and a bath and bedtime in a more normal framework, made possible by neighborhood fireworks stands. And, is it not to the little ones we must carefully teach the meaning of the Fourth of July? They hold the future of a land of free choice in their tiny hands.

The brilliant light of the fireworks represent hope and opportunity for children to grow up in a land of peace, opportunity and freedom. Hooray for the Fourth and for a diversity of ways to celebrate!

Rochelle Hilton