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Board ends hearing on knife at prom

SHARE Board ends hearing on knife at prom

HOLT, Mich. — A school board ended a hearing Wednesday before deciding whether to expel an honor student who wore a knife to his prom as part of a traditional Scottish outfit.

Frank Fleischmann, an attorney for 16-year-old Jeremy Hix, asked the board to adjourn after learning that members received a memo offering an interpretation of a state law that bars weapons from schools.

"That, to us, smacks of a lack of impartiality. We had to ask for an adjournment," Fleischmann said. The board will take up the matter again July 24.

Hix, who plays the bagpipes, said he and his mother spent two years constructing the outfit, which includes a kilt, formal shoes and a feathered hat. He said the knife has been part of the traditional Scottish regalia for centuries.

"It really didn't enter my mind that it was a knife and we should be worried," said his mother, Colleen Hix.

Hix was forced to leave the May 19 prom and couldn't attend classes for the rest of the school year. If he is expelled, he won't be able to attend another public school in Michigan. Hix has said he would complete his senior year at a private school if he is expelled.