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Some schools hang up uniforms

SHARE Some schools hang up uniforms

Some 35 Utah schools have jumped on the school uniform bandwagon in the five years since Salt Lake's Nibley Park Elementary paved the way.

Now, some are ready to jump off.

North Davis Junior High has tossed its policy after two years. Parents at Rosamond Elementary in Riverton are voting this month on whether to follow suit.

Heartland Elementary in West Jordan is examining whether to get rid of its policy, Jordan District confirmed. So is Mount Ogden Middle School, Ogden District officials said.

The reason: lack of interest.

At North Davis, about half of students wore uniforms last spring. The school needs 75 percent to participate in order to reap benefits from standardized dress, principal Kent Smith said.

At Rosamond — Jordan District's first to adopt uniforms — 412 of 640 families "opted out" of sending children to school in matching clothes by the end of the policy's second year. A March survey also found parents wanted to eliminate the policy by a 2-1 margin. A public hearing is scheduled July 18.

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